Possible solutions with FileMaker

Possible solutions with FileMaker

FileMaker Business Alliance PlatinumThroughout Canada and elsewhere in the world, Direct Impact is a recognized leader in the development, integration and optimization of custom-apps using the FileMaker® platform.

As a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, Direct Impact promotes the FileMaker platform by providing innovative solutions that can benefit private as well as public organisations.


FileMaker Migration

In order to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the most recent version of FileMaker, let our experts migrate your current database and avoid data loss.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Improve your customer service with a CRM solution that takes advantage of the FileMaker platform.

Integrated Management Software Package (ERP)

Manage all the information you need for your business (marketing, operations, finance, etc.) in a centralized database through FileMaker.


Take advantage of tools and reports built into a FileMaker solution to better track your performance indicators and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Accounting System integration

Avoid double data entry and errors by automatically synchronizing your customer data and invoices from your FileMaker system to your accounting system such as Sage50, AccPacc, Acomba and QuickBooks.

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks integration

Manage your appointments, contacts, and tasks in Outlook as well as in your mobile applications from your FileMaker database and through a central Microsoft Exchange server.

Mass e-mailing Systems integration

Manage contacts, mailing lists, and subscriptions directly from FileMaker, regardless of which e-mail system you are using (MailChimp, NetScoop, ConstantContact, E-Mail, etc.).