FileMaker 16 Features

FileMaker 16: mobility, security and scalability improvements for your custom apps.

On May 9, 2017, FileMaker Inc. unveils the new versions of its FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Go 16 and FileMaker Server 16 products.  

The new release introduces a number of significant improvements to the platform, which allows custom app development for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the Web.

To better understand and appreciate what FileMaker 16 brings, here is a summary of its key features and highlights:


Improved usability

Layout Objects Window

Use the new Layout Objects window to view and work with all the objects that are on the current layout. You can select, hide, and name objects, and change the stacking order. The single new feature was long awaited and will help better manage and build rich user interfaces.


The New Window script step now allows you create a card window that is modal to its parent window.

Microsoft Windows UI

Microsoft Windows gets a significant user interface overhaul. All document windows are now independent of one another, all can be positioned in any available monitor, and each window has its own menu bar.


FileMaker Data Source now supports variables, which means external file references can be dynamic. This can prove useful if you need a single UI file to connect to different Data files.

Several Insert script steps now also allow you to specify a variable as the target: Insert From URL script step, Insert Calculated Result script step, Insert Current Date script step, Insert Current Time script step, Insert Current User Name script step, Insert File script step, and Insert Text script step.


Improved calculation interface in more locations allowing type-ahead use of calculations, formulas, custom functions, etc. in the Data Viewer, ODBC data source and almost everywhere the calculation interface is used. This has already dramatically reduced programming time and improves usability.



JSON parsing

FileMaker 16 now includes functions for JSON parsing, character encoding, and cryptography for processing and encrypting JSON data exchanged with other data sources, such as web services that have REST APIs.

cURL options

Insert From URL now allows you to specify many supported cURL options.

FileMaker Data API

The new FileMaker Data API allows access to a database file from a web service (FileMaker Server only). It comes with the new Tableau Web Data Connector as an example of who the new FileMaker Data Restful API can be used.

External Script Steps

In addition to external functions, plugins vendors can now add external script steps. You can use external script steps provided by a plug-in to access the features of the plug-in.


Enhanced security

OAuth support

You can authenticate user accounts via third-party OAuth identity providers that have been specified in FileMaker Server.  Useful if you want your users to use their Google or Amazon accounts to log into your FileMaker custom apps.

Extended Privileges

The introduction of new extended privileges allows for better security controls:

• fmrest extended privilege – Allows access to a database file from a web service via the FileMaker Data API (FileMaker Server only).
• fmurlscript extended privilege – Allows users to run a script from a URL.
• fmextscriptaccess extended privilege – Allows users to access solutions with Apple events and ActiveX.

Interactive lock icons

When you open a shared file, click the lock icon to view encryption information about your connection to the host.


Region Monitoring Script Step

Configures a specified script to run when an iOS device enters or exits a specified region. Use this with the new Get(RegionMonitorEvents) which returns events that caused the script specified in the Configure Region Monitor script step to run.

Enhanced Signature Capture

Insert From Device now allows you to specify the presentation for displaying the signature capture screen: Full Screen displays the signature capture screen in full screen, Overlay displays a modal signature capture screen in front of the document, and Embedded displays a modal signature capture screen within the container field if the field is not too small.

Animations and transitions with script

Go To Layout now allows you to specify the animation to use for switching to the new layout in FileMaker Go. Go To Related Record now allows you to specify the animation to use when displaying the related record in FileMaker Go.

Custom Paper Sizes

FileMaker Go 16 now allows for the use of custom paper sizes. This allows a solution to output to specific and custom paper sizes not found in the standard print dialog box.

WebDirect and FileMaker Server scalability

Print now allows you to create PDFs in web browsers with FileMaker WebDirect.

Save Records as PDF now allows you to save PDFs with FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect.

Support for up to 500 FileMaker WebDirect clients when using the new multiple-machine deployment, with each worker machine serving a maximum of 100 WebDirect clients.

Value Lists

SortValues – Sorts a list of values based on the specified data type and locale.

UniqueValues – Returns unique values that are in a list based on the specified data type and locale.

Copying and pasting value lists – You can now use standard keyboard shortcuts to copy a value list and paste it into another FileMaker Pro file.



A Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA), Direct Impact was able to test the early versions of FileMaker 16 before its final release.  Our team of certified developers is well prepared to handle and leverage its new features.

If you wish to explore the new version and see how the new features can improve your custom app, or if you wish to purchase the new version at competitive pricing, contact us at your earliest convenience. 

Also visit FileMaker website for more information.