FileMaker 15 Features

FileMaker 15 : mobility, performance and security

On May 10, 2016, FileMaker Inc. released a new version of the FileMaker platform, which includes FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Go 15 and FileMaker Server 15. The new version brings significant improvements to the FileMaker WebDirect technology as well as better support for mobile devices.

In line with past versions, the new FileMaker 15 platform introduces a number of new features aimed at creating custom solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and theWeb.

To better understand what FileMaker 15 has to offer, here is an overview of its main highlights:


FileMaker WebDirect


In addition to iOS and Androïd tablets, WebDirect mobile support now includes smart phones. WebDirect also offers improved touch support on all devices.


Reduction of data sent over the network, memory footprint optimization, improved protocol and thread management will bring significant performance improvements for WebDirect users.


FileMaker Go

TouchID Support

TouchID is now supported in FileMaker Go, allowing simplified user authentication using digital fingerprint scanning.

iBeacon Support

FileMaker Go now supports Apple’s iBeacon radio frequency technology, allowing new ways of automation and interaction with iBeacon compatible devices.

Mobile App Distribution

The new FileMaker iOS SDK (aka FIAS) unveiled in January now works with FileMaker 15 as well as with FileMaker 14. With this new toolkit, you can transform your FileMaker custom solutions into native iOS apps and distribute them to your mobile devices, either through your preferred mobile device management (MDM) tool or through the App Store.

App Extensions

iOS App Extensions are now available to your FileMaker Go solutions, most notably cloud-based file sharing capabilities.


FileMaker Pro

Plateform Automation

With FileMaker Pro 15, software updates can now be downloaded and installed directly from the user interface, within the application.

Improved Script Workspace

Seasoned developers as well as novice developers will appreciate the improvements made to the Script Workspace. It now provides multiple undos while coding problems are now highlighted in the script editing pane.

Ease of Use

FileMaker 15 introduces a new on-line Help file, completely rewritten in HTML and downloadable, for simpler and faster searches.

Starter Solutions

FileMaker 15 comes with new starter solutions, simpler and easier to use.  The new solutions will be appreciated by beginners who are looking for a quick starting point to build their own custom solutions.


Visual indicators are added throughout the platform to show users when network connections are secure. Proactive messages warn you when the connection may not be secure. Also, a new field control called Concealed edit box allows you to hide confidential information by setting up a field to display dots in place of data.

Inline progress bar for portals

Portals are fetched in separate threads, allowing users to continue working with the main record while portals are loading related data.  This will boost remote user productivity, especially through FileMaker Go and WebDirect. 

FileMaker Serveur

External SQL data sources

Support for external SQL data sources has been extended with the addition of the new ESS Adaptor.  This new adaptor allows connection to DB2 and PostgreSQL databases, on top of the previously supported MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.


Management and deployment of SSL security certificates has been simplified. More certificate types are now supported, including wildcard certificates. Network administrators will appreciate this new flexibility.


The new Top Call logging will isolate the most resource consuming processes. This new tool will come in handy for network administrators who are in charge of monitoring server performance.



As a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA), Direct Impact was able to test FileMaker 15 in the weeks before it was released.  Our team of certified developers fully masters the new features released in version 15.

If you want to explore the new features and get your FileMaker licence at preferred pricing, or to test the new version in a virtual dedicated hosting environment, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

See the FileMaker website for more information on the new FileMaker 15 Platform.