FileMaker 14 Features

FileMaker 14: Productivity and Mobility at your Fingertips

FileMaker 14

On May 12th, 2015, FileMaker Inc. announced the FileMaker 14 Platform upgrade (FileMaker Pro 14, FileMaker Go 14 and FileMaker Server 14), including significant improvements to FileMaker WebDirect that allows FileMaker solutions to be delivered in a web browser.

Continuing in the wake of the previous version, the new FileMaker Platform introduces an impressive number of new features enabling the creation of business management solutions that work across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. All FileMaker 14 Platform products are now available in different international versions.

To understand and appreciate all the FileMaker 14 Platform has to offer, here is an overview of its main features:


FileMaker WebDirect


FileMaker WebDirect made a grand entrance on mobile devices with its compatibility with web browser devices using iOS and Android operating systems.


FileMaker WebDirect users will benefit from an improved performance of up to 25%. In addition, the platform is now available and tested for up to 100 simultaneous connections.


The new FileMaker WebDirect version is tuned for web browsers and mobile devices with a great design that meets today’s business needs. The FileMaker WebDirect toolbar and menu items dynamically collapse and expand to the screen size and orientation.


FileMaker Go


User Experience

The new version of FileMaker Go provides an enhanced user experience, in particular by introducing rich text editing and the possibility, through script steps, to enable touch keyboard. You can now use swipe gestures to navigate the records, zoom in and out, scroll through portals or move within Tab Control. You can also lock the orientation of your layout and enhance signature capture with custom text.

Video and Audio Playback

It is now possible to control video and audio playback and play videos in full screen. You can control the starting and stopping points of a video or audio recording using new script steps and triggers.


FileMaker Pro

Launch Center

FileMaker Pro 14 introduces a new home page called Launch Center. The Launch Center provides a central dashboard, visually organizing your solutions in a tile layout, from which you can quickly and effortlessly identify and access your solutions. You can tag your favorite solutions and choose icons to represent your solutions. This new feature provides a simplified and visually consistent access to your different solutions on all platforms (FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect).

Button Icons

With FileMaker Pro 14, you can choose from 140 designed icons or add custom icons to create enhanced interfaces and improve the user experience of your solutions.

Button Bars

The new button bars allow you to create groups of buttons that maintain their proportions when you resize your window. Combined with top and bottom navigation parts, button bars facilitate the creation of a consistent navigation system across your solution.

In-Field Labels

In order to provide users with instructions or to simplify your layouts, placeholder text or instructions can appear in empty fields and disappear when you type.

Script Workspace

Developers will appreciate the new Script Workspace, which enables the creation and management of FileMaker scripts in a streamlined and improved workspace. This workspace offers many new improvements such as auto complete and all-in-one view which allow you to instantly see suggested script steps as you type and to edit multiple scripts at the same time.


The new Manage Security dialog box allows you to create and manage accounts all in one spot. It is also now possible to allow users to store their passwords in Windows Credential Manager or for Mac users, in Keychain Access.

FileMaker Serveur

Reliability and Availability

With FileMaker Server 14, the connection to the host server is automatically restored when there is a temporary loss of connection. In addition, it is possible to add a standby server that could take over the primary server in case of failure.


The new version allows you to evaluate the strength of your password, set hints to help you remember it and select a pin that can be used to reset it.



As a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA), Direct Impact has had the opportunity to test FileMaker 14 weeks before its marketing. Our team of certified developers master the features offered through this new version.

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