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FileMaker Business Alliance PlatinumDirect Impact is the only FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member to offer a complete FileMaker® hosting infrastructure.
We offer a professional, fast and secure hosting environment for your FileMaker custom apps.

You can access your custom apps from FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, or connect your Websites. Direct Impact serves customers all accross Canada, United States and in Europe.

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Cloud FileMaker Hosting

Choose FileMaker cloud-based hosting. Our data centres are highly secure and efficient, and our qualified support team will answer your technical questions in a short time. We can also help you implement hosted solutions with the new FileMaker Cloud® service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Decidated Virtual Server FileMaker Hosting

Choose our virtual hosting service if you have larger needs or want to own your own server and make some special configurations including the new FileMaker WebDirect publishing option.

Dedicated Physical Server FileMaker Hosting

Choose our dedicated physical server hosting service to get maximum power and the most complete autonomy for your server management.

FileMaker Remote Desktop Hosting

Our remote desktop hosting service allows you to avoid worrying about the deployment and support of FileMaker Pro on your workstations. This allows you to access your databases from any computer, even if the FileMaker Pro application is not installed locally on your computer.